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  • How many guests can the Chesapeake Inn accommodate?

    The Chesapeake Inn offers accommodations for 15-250 guests depending on the room location and time of year of your event.

  • How many different dining areas are there at the Chesapeake Inn? Are they private?

    The restaurant contains over 12 different dining areas both private and semi private depending on the nature of your special occasion. 

  • Can you customize any package?

    Any package can be customized to your budget and needs. If you have guests with special dietary restrictions, we can also prepare specialized meals for them as well. 

  • How long has the Chesapeake Inn been a wedding venue?

    The Ballroom was constructed in 2007 and instantly became one of the top destinations for special events & weddings in the county and surrounding tri-state area for waterfront dining.

  • Is there a private room rental charge?

    There is no private room rental charge. However, food and beverage minimums will apply.

  • Are there any hotels or bed and breakfasts near you?

    The Chesapeake Inn is within short walking distance from all bed and breakfasts in South Chesapeake City including the Shipwatch Inn. Click here for a list of all the lodging in Chesapeake City.

  • Do you handle flowers and entertainment?

    We work with many great vendors and would be happy to coordinate these details. Click here to see our list of preferred vendors. 

  • What Audio/Visual capabilities do you have?

    We have a complete selection of audio visual aids and equipment is available for an additional fee. Advance notice is necessary.

  • How much notice do you need about the number of guests at my event?

    A guaranteed number of guests is requested 7 business days prior to your event.

  • Do I need to give a deposit for parties?

    A credit card number or deposit is necessary to secure your reservation. The minimum amount for which you will be charged is determined by your guaranteed number.

  • What is the dress code for the Chesapeake Inn?


    • All hats worn forward.
    • No brimless headgear (bandanas, skullcaps, etc).
    • No athletic jerseys (except football events).
    • No long T-shirts hanging below pant pockets.
    • No extra-long shorts below the bottom of the calf.
    • No excessively long collared/button-up shirts
    • No offensive, vulgar and/or inappropriate clothing.
    • No excessively ripped or torn clothing.
    • No white sleeveless undershirts.
    • No thong bathing suits.
    • No motorcycle colors
    • Pants & shorts must be worn around the waist
    • Shirt and shoes must be worn.
    • No sleeveless shirts on men.
    • No plain white t-shirts (must have pocket or logo).
    • No sunglasses after dark.


    • Upper casual attire 
    • A suit or jacket is not required 
    • Shorts or slacks are acceptable for men 
    • Shirt and shoes at all times 
    • No tank tops allowed for men 
    • No bathing suits allowed 
  • Are discounts available?

    Discounts are available depending on the time of year and group or organization.  

  • Can I bring my own cake to an event?

    Yes you can but there is a cake cutting fee of $1 per guest or maximum of $25.

  • You have answered most of my questions but I have a few more special requests?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at 410.885.2040 or email us at banquets@chesapeakeinn.com to schedule a tour of our facilities. 

  • Does the Chesapeake Inn have a wedding coordinator on site to help with the planning process?

    Yes our banquet team will assist you in any way possible to make this important day go as seemless as possible. 

  • Is the Ballroom connected to the Live Music / Casual Atmosphere on the Deck?

    No the Ballroom is a separate facility all together. Many guests do venture down to the Deck area after weddings and other events to cap off their evening. 

  • Do you offer High School Reunion options?

    Yes we do. We have many different options for drinks and food depending on your party size. 

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